Monday, July 28, 2014

The Garden

Yes, we have a garden, and it's about time I posted some pictures.

Below you see the produce from the last couple of days, including our very first tomatoes.

I've fallen in love with fresh vegetable from the garden. 

And our vegetable garden. It includes tomato plants, yellow squash, hot peppers, and cucumbers.

This year, I cultivated a kitchen porch garden....with cherry tomato plants (thanks mom) and a mandevilla plant, with vinca growing along with it. And a few herbs in pots, that I was babysitting for my mom...

At the bottom of the kitchen steps.....well......
I had a three or four day stretch in the early summer of NO CHILDREN. They were at camp and on a trip with Grandma. So I made this:

 A long-awaited and dreamed-for perennial bed...for color, scent, butterflies, bees, and herbs. It includes foxglove, bergamot, a butterfly bush that I can't remember the exact name for, patchouli, salvia and lavender.



Marigolds (in the vegetable garden)

 And my little plot of herbs, near the vegetable garden...


Rosemary (also mint, oregano, and chives).

My little front bed has some begonias and these potted impatiens.

The front porch has a nice little spot...

And here's a corner of the back deck. I am in love with my garden this year.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Amie's Beach Birthday

It was supposed to rain on Friday, our last full day on Ocracoke Island, N.C., on the Outer Banks.
Not only was it our last day, but it was also Amie's 11th birthday...
and instead of rain, the sun came out and stayed all day long.

...and then, after supper, came birthday cake and presents, along with cousins, grandparents and an aunt and uncle to celebrate her bithday.

Below, you can see a Cousin Group Hug. The very best kind.
Happy Birthday, sweet Amie!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

In my kitchen

Joining with Beauty That Moves, for a kitchen blog hop...

...from the garden....

...from YumprintGluten Free Vegan Brownie Fudge!

That's all.