Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall is Here!

It's been balmy, warm, sunny, tank top and flip flops weather here in this part of Virginia...until yesterday. And today. Temperatures have dipped and skies are gray; there's a chill in the air....FINALLY!

I need a little chill in the air to start FEELING FALL and, of course, knitting for fall. So it's finally happening. Mitts and felted headbands, for example, (see below) are starting to fly off the needles.

I love this time of year, and having my own shop has only made it more fun and exciting.
I made my 21st sale last night and couldn't be more excited. Interestingly, my knitting patterns have outsold my actual knitting products for sale at Tinker Creek Handknits. That's a good reason to speed up some of the pattern ideas I've had for a while, and get them down on paper, and into the shop! Stay tuned for at least one knitting pattern to appear by the end of this week!

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Fall is HERE!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall is Finally Here

It's true, fall is here, and here are the latest wool headwarmers in 5 colors. These are made from Cascade Lana Granda wool.

Also this:

It's been a fun week!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Happy Fall, almost!

Happy Fall, almost! It's time to start thinking about wool...the natural fiber that I love to use to create warm, cozy handknits for fall and winter 2016. I've added three new listings to the shop, including this pair of Peruvian Highland wool mitts.

I have loved creating this shop I call Tinker Creek Handknits. It's really a happy place for me. It combines my love for knitting with natural fibers with photography, plus many other skills I've learned since starting this venture. And I love involving my girls. They give advice on style (they are usually right) and patiently (usually) pose for pictures wearing my creations. Please stop by, I'm adding new listings all the time!
I'm right here at Tinker Creek Handknits.