Sunday, February 3, 2013


in the mountains at Abingdon, Virginia
at the Southwest Virginia 4-H center

to join dozens of other knitters
at Yarn Camp.
Saturday: a long room
with tables, chairs 
and flourescent lighting (oh.)

becomes a busy, happy
work space, share space,
try- on- your -finished- product space,
browse- through -all- the- knitting- magazines- in- existence
learning and encouragment space
for knitters.

I joined Haley, Lori and Lisa in a car and drove through the mountains of southwest Virginia to join Yarn Camp, sponsored by A Likely Yarn, a lovely yarn shop in Abingdon, Virginia. 

 When you spend an entire Saturday with knitters, amidst all the looking and commenting and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over our work, well, we also know we have knitting projects to complete. And so we knit and knit and knit, all day. We take breaks to peek at eachother's work, but we have knitting goals, you know. Tomorrow I'll post pictures from A Likely Yarn yarn shop and the knitting project that I finished. 

How's your weekend? Do you have some words or pictures that you could share? Leave a link. Or join me over at The Habit of Being where you'll find other Weekending moments.


Mom said...

Beautiful poetry and colors. Lovely place, Abingdon.
Did you get to recently opened Heartwood there? Here's link. Worth a stop as we zip along I-81 to I-40, from Roanoke to Nashville TN! Food,too.

Lisa said...

Looks interesting! We didn't get to Exit 14. We stayed at the 4H center and then went into town.

the habit of being said...

what a great way to spend a cold weekend!

stitchandpurl said...

I wouldn't mind a weekend like that!