Monday, January 20, 2014

Nature Hike

Lauren and I went on a nature walk last week, just the two of us. We brought along the January Newsletter from Handbook of Nature Study blog. Each newsletter contains printable checklists, things to look for, and a special nature challenge each week.

Lauren is checking her list of things to look for on this hike!

We found an evergreen right away, and observed cones, needles and branches.  

We also had a list of colors to look, brown, yellow, purple....
We found the color green easily enough, in the pine (above), the wild onion (below) and in bunches of moss (below). There's always, always green to be found somewhere in the woods, even in the middle of winter.

This particular plant had both a red and purple look to it...I don't know the name of the plant, which also had thorns and little hairs along its stem. No leaves.

We observed our long shadows, in the late afternoon sun.

Our exciting find of the day was...snow!  There was a snow shower the night before, but any accumulation around our house had melted away by morning....but when we got into the woods we found a few shady places where a little, just a little bit of snow lay. It was exciting because we have had NO accumulation of snow yet this winter. Up in the mountains there has been some snow, but not where we live.

We even found a tiny bit of ice leftover from the night before.

We" (or maybe I should say "I")  have groaned and whined about our lack of snow all winter long, but just this morning there was a forecast of 3 - 6" of snow on Tuesday! That's tomorrow!

Join me in hoping/praying/begging for some snow tomorrow.


karen said...

I will wish you snow!! I wonder what we will get if any, I'll watch the news tonight to find out. Looks like the two of you had a great time together exploring. The ice looks like broken glass.

Vic said...

We're expecting 2 - 4 inches of snow in Lynchburg tomorrow as well. Nice!!

Aunt Cindy said...

Enjoy your snow!

Barb McCoy said...

Loved seeing your winter walk. I especially liked the ice pretty. Thanks as always for sharing your entry with the OHC Blog Carnival.

Chelle said...

My kids like checking things of the list as well. They get that from me! I also love the picture of the ice and your description of finding snow was very exciting!

Carla Gull said...

Fun winter walk! Hope you enjoyed the snow! We've had plenty here!